What a Man's Pair of Socks Says about Him

Most men have more than twenty pairs of socks but unfortunately they only end up using just five pairs. This is because they are already used to the five pairs and they have become their favorite. After all most men think that no one notices the kind of socks they are wearing since most of the time they are covered by the pair of trousers. There are different socks depending on brands, colors, material, texture and lengths, and the choice of the sock to buy will go with your taste and preference and the amount you are willing to pay for it. The choice of the sock to wear will be determined by the kind of shoe and trouser you are wearing, and perhaps also what you like the most. In addition, an event you are attending or the personality you want to bring out could also be a determinant.

Bright colored pair of socks especially red signifies seriousness. Red color portrays power that's why people will look at you and feel that you are a serious person who wants things to be done in a particular manner. This a good pair to walk-in in a business meeting, you will be able to make so many deals with other business partners if they feel you are a serious person. White color on the other hand, brings out the hygienic and clean person you are. As most men love brown, gray and black socks, when you wear a white pair you completely stand out and most ladies like men in white socks. The case is different when wearing the best running socks.

On weekends or during first date, wear zany patterned socks as they portray a person who loves adventure and humour. Even in formal set ups you could still wear them to bring out your fun loving personality as most people like being so serious at work place yet even having fun or being humorous at workplace is okay. Odd socks for people who are carefree, or perhaps they are not keen on fashion. They will still manage to pull their own crowd as certain people love that kind of style statement.

If you want to belong to a certain group such as sporting, social event, or charities, the motif socks will work out for you. This makes you feel accepted and most of the time you represent your group. For instance, the best mens socks that an athlete will wear is not the same as that of a footballer or a banker, their shoes cannot even allow them.